Friday, August 01, 2014

In the likely event of a South Oakland Sharknado, where is the safest place to hide?

Let's face it. A Sharknado could happen at any moment. When the big one hits South Oakland, we all better be prepared. So we asked some of Twitter's foremost Sharknado experts to weigh in on what location would provide the best place to hide... And hopefully survive. Here is that potentially life-saving information.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Seven Things Pitt could do with 3.9% Tuition Hike

Pitt is raising tuition 3.9%.  That’s 3.9% less money you’ll be able to spend on beer, designer headphones, top of the line smart phones, and narcotics. You’re angry, your parents are angry, multinational corporations that want you to spend money on trivial shit you don’t need are angry. But most concerning, your drug dealers are angry. And when your drug dealers get angry, bad things start to happen to people’s limbs.  And when limbs start cracking, our undercover investigators start asking questions. And we get answers…FOR YOU! Why does Pitt need 3.9% more this year? Here are a few ways Pitt could use that increased revenue...

Friday, July 11, 2014

15 Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer in South O

It's officially summer. And damn, it's getting hot in South Oakland. Live in an apartment without A/C? Parents too cheap to buy you one? Have no fear. There are plenty of ways to stay cool in the face of oppressive heat in a neighborhood that has what, like six decent trees...